[PL-KiK 1] Antyfonarz kielecki

Antiphoner from Kielce (Poland), written in 1372 by Chwalisław (Falislaus) from Nysa (in Silesia), vicar in the collegiate church of Kielce, engaged by Mikołaj Goworek (Nicolaus Goworkonis, d. 1376), canon in Krakow, Kielce and Sandomierz. Gothicized Messine-German notation on a 5-line staff. Cathedral cursus. 287 folios. 27 x 39 cm.
Liturgical Occasions “at a glance” (refer to the index for complete contents):
Ff. 1r-145v: Temporale. 1r, Advent; 5r, O antiphons; 6r, Christmas; 12v, Stephen; 16v, John the Evangelist; 19v, Holy Innocents; 25r, Epiphany; 41r, Septuagesima; 49v, Lent; 78r, Triduum; 89v, Easter; 102r, Ascension; 106r, Pentecost; 111r, Trinity; 114v, Corpus Christi; 121v Histories; 140r, Sundays after Pentecost.
Ff. 145v-257v, Sanctorale. 145v, Andrew, 146a, Nicholas; 146g, Conception; 150v, Lucy; 151v, Thomas the Apostle; 151v, Fabian and Sebastian; 154v, Agnes; 157v, Conversion of Paul; 159r, Vincent; 163r, Purification; 166r, Blaise; 166v, Agatha; 169r, Dorothy; 172v, Peter's Chair; 173r, Gregory; 176r, Benedict; 178v, Annunciation; 183v, Adalbert (Wojciech); 185r, Mark; 185v, Philip and James; 186v, Finding of the Cross; 188r, Florian; 188r, John before the Latin gate; 188v, John the Baptist; 191v, John and Paul; 192v, Peter and Paul; 195v, Paul; 198v, Margaret; 201r, Mary Magdalene, 205v, James; 208v, Peter's Chains; 209r, Finding of Stephen; 209r, Dominic; 212r, Laurence; 215r, Hippolytus; 215v, Assumption; 219r, Bartholomew; 219r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 220r, Nativity of Mary; 224v, Exaltation of the Cross; 225r, Matthew; 225v, Cosmas and Damian; 225v, Translation of Stanislaus; 229v, Wenceslaus; 232r, Michael; 235v, Francis; 238v, Luke; 238v, 11,000 Virgins; 241v, Simon and Thaddeus; 241v, All Saints; 243v, Martin; 247r, Elisabeth of Hungary; 250r, Cecilia; 252r, Clement; 253r, Katherine.
F. 257v, Dedication of a Church.
Ff. 261r-280r, Common of Saints. 261r, Common of Apostles; 263v, Common of Evangelists; 266v, Common of Martyrs; 272r, Common of Confessors; 275v Common of Virgins.
Ff. 280r-282r, Office of the Dead.
Ff. 282v-294v, Visitation of Mary (late XV cent.)
The beginning of the manuscript is missing (from the first to the fourth Sunday of Advent). F. 7 is bound incorrectly as it contains some chants for the 4th Sunday of Advent; the correct folio is missing. Folio 53 uncorrectly numbered 54. After f. 146 there is an error in numeration: the folio following 146 is numbered as 141, with a duplication of numbers for five more folia. In the index, the second instances of 141 to 146 are identified as (recto,verso): 146w,x; 146y,z; 146a,b; 146c,d; 146e,f; 146g,h.
The collegiate church in Kielce was founded in 1171 by Gedko (Gedeon), Bishop of Krakow. In 1882 it became the cathedral. The Cathedral Chapter Library in Kielce possesses over a dozen parchment manuscripts - the antiphoner from 1372 is considered to be the most precious. This antiphoner is the oldest one in the Krakow diocese. It shows many parallels with the sources from Krakow (such as ms. 52 and ms. 47 from Krakow Cathedral Chapter Library).
Each chant not found in CAO is assigned a number prefixed by "kie."

Selected Bibliography:
Miazga, Tadeusz. Antyfonarz Kielecki z 1372 roku pod względem muzykologicznym. Graz, 1977.
Kubieniec, Jakub. Uniwersalizm i swoistość w śedniowiecznych antyfonarzach krakowskich. Kraków, 2005. (pp. 154-160 about Neuma triplex and prosulae)

The computer index was prepared by Bartosz Izbicki at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with editorial assistance from Debra Lacoste, The University of Waterloo (Ontario).

PL-KiK 1
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Chants of the source

6260 chants found.
Folio Seq Incipit Cantus ID Feast Image
028r 27 Afferte* M A 1 001303 Epiphania,8
028r 28 Ante luciferum* V2 A 001434 Epiphania,8
028r 29 Ab oriente venerunt magi in E A 1 001205 Epiphania,8
028r 30 Vidimus stellam ejus in E A 2 005411 Epiphania,8
028v 1 Videntes stellam magi gavisi E A 3 005391 Epiphania,8
028v 2 Venient ad te qui detrahebant E A 4 005331 Epiphania,8
028v 3 Caeli aperti sunt super eum E A 5 001835 Epiphania,8
028v 4 Vox de caelis sonuit et vox E A 6 005507 Epiphania,8
028v 5 Joannes quidem clamabat E A 7 003503 Epiphania,8
028v 6 Aqua comburit peccatum hodie E A 8 001467 Epiphania,8
028v 7 Pater de caelis filium E A 9 004232 Epiphania,8
028v 8 Baptizatur Christus et E A 10 001554 Epiphania,8
029r 1 Super ripam Jordanis stabat E A 11 005062 Epiphania,8
029r 2 Baptizat miles regem servus E A 12 001553 Epiphania,8
029r 3 Lux de luce apparuisti E A 13 003649 Epiphania,8
029r 4 Ante luciferum* V A 001434
029r 5 - V H 008248:08
029r 6 Agnoscat* M H 008257
029r 7 Remansit puer Jesus in L A B 004610
029r 8 Illuminare* T R P 006882
029r 9 In columbae* T R P 006892
029r 10 Verbum caro* T R P 007840
029r 11 Ante luciferum* V2 A 001434
029r 12 Fili quid fecisti nobis sic V2 A M 002872
029r 13 Puer Jesus proficiebat aetate V2 A M 004410
029v 1 Ante luciferum* V A 001434 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 2 In columbae* V R 006892 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 3 - V H 008248:08 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 4 Reges Tharsis* V W 008180 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 5 Fontes aquarum sanctificati V A M 002888 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 6 Christus apparuit* M I 001054 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 7 Agnoscat* M H 008257 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 8 Afferte domino* M A 1 001303 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 9 Omnes* M R 1 007314 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 10 Veterem hominem renovans L A 1 005373 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 11 Te qui in spiritu et igne L A 2 005122 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 12 Baptista contremuit et non L A 3 001552 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 13 Caput draconis salvator L A 4 001768 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 14 Magnum mysterium declaratur L A 5 003678 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 15 Praesepe poni* L H 008257d Octava Epiphaniae
029v 16 Venient ad* L W 008233 Octava Epiphaniae
029v 17 Praecursor Joannes exsultat L A B 004358 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 1 Agnoscat* D H 008257 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 2 Veterem hominem* D A 005373 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 3 Reges Tharsis* D R 007522 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 4 Veterem* V2 A 005373 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 5 Christo datus est principatus V2 A M 001788 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 6 Te lucis* C H 008399 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 7 Salva nos* C A N 204361 Octava Epiphaniae
030r 8 Germinavit* M A R 002941 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 9 Ora pro nobis* M A R 004170 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 10 Da pacem* M A R 002090 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 11 Omnis* M A R 004155 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 12 Rubum quem* V A 1 004669 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 13 Tu autem* V A 2 005193 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 14 Da pacem* V A 3 002090 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 15 Sancti dei* V A 4 004726 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 16 In principio fecit* V R 006928 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030r 17 Benedictus dominus deus meus V A 1 001720
030r 18 In aeternum et in saeculum V A 2 003204
030r 19 Laudabo deum meum in vita mea V A 3 003583
030r 20 Deo nostro jucunda sit V A 4 002148
030r 21 Benedixit filiis tuis in te V A 5 001734
030r 22 Deus qui sedes* V R 006433
030r 23 Deus creator omnium V H 008292
030r 24 Vespertina oratio ascendit V W 008240
030v 1 Peccata mea domine sicut V A M 004255 Dom. 2 p. Epiph.
030v 2 Fratres existimo enim quod V A M 002898 In tempore Epiphaniae
030v 3 Fratres confortamini in V A M 002896 In tempore Epiphaniae
030v 4 Rubum* V A R 004669 Suff. Mariae Nat.
030v 5 Te lucis ante terminum C H 008399
030v 6 Custodi nos domine* C W 008001
030v 7 Salva nos domine vigilantes C A N 204361
030v 8 Adoremus dominum qui fecit M I 001009
030v 9 Primo dierum omnium quo M H 008373
031r 1 Servite domino in timore et M A 1.1 004876
031r 2 Exsurge domine non praevaleat M A 1.2 002824
031r 3 Cantabo domino qui bona M A 1.3 200724
031r 4 Memor fui in nocte* M W 1. 008138
031r 5 Domine ne in ira tua arguas M R 1.1 006501
031r 6 Timor et tremor venerunt M V 01 006501a
031r 7 Deus qui sedes super thronum M R 1.2 006433
031r 8 Tibi enim derelictus est M V 01 006433a
031r 9 A dextris est mihi dominus ne M R 1.3 006002
031r 10 Conserva me domine quoniam in M V 01 006002a
031v 1 Bonorum meorum non indiges in M A 2.1 001742
031v 2 Inclina domine aurem tuam mi- M A 2.2 003317
031v 3 Diligam te domine virtus mea M A 2.3 002230
031v 4 Media nocte surgebam* M W 2. 008136
031v 5 Notas mihi fecisti domine M R 2.1 007240
031v 6 Tu es domine qui restitues M V 01 007240b
031v 7 Diligam te domine virtus mea M R 2.2 006453
031v 8 Laudans invocabo dominum et M V 01 006453a
031v 9 Domini est terra et plenitudo M R 2.3 006517
031v 10 Ipse super maria fundavit eum M V 01 006517a
031v 11 Caeli enarrant gloriam dei M A 3.1 206011
031v 12 Exaudiat te dominus in die M A 3.2 002773
031v 13 Domine in virtute tua M A 3.3 002349
032r 1 Exaltare domine in virtute* M W 3. 008061
032r 2 Ad te domine levavi animam M R 3.1 006026