[PL-KiK 1] Antyfonarz kielecki

Antiphoner from Kielce (Poland), written in 1372 by Chwalisław (Falislaus) from Nysa (in Silesia), vicar in the collegiate church of Kielce, engaged by Mikołaj Goworek (Nicolaus Goworkonis, d. 1376), canon in Krakow, Kielce and Sandomierz. Gothicized Messine-German notation on a 5-line staff. Cathedral cursus. 287 folios. 27 x 39 cm.
Liturgical Occasions “at a glance” (refer to the index for complete contents):
Ff. 1r-145v: Temporale. 1r, Advent; 5r, O antiphons; 6r, Christmas; 12v, Stephen; 16v, John the Evangelist; 19v, Holy Innocents; 25r, Epiphany; 41r, Septuagesima; 49v, Lent; 78r, Triduum; 89v, Easter; 102r, Ascension; 106r, Pentecost; 111r, Trinity; 114v, Corpus Christi; 121v Histories; 140r, Sundays after Pentecost.
Ff. 145v-257v, Sanctorale. 145v, Andrew, 146a, Nicholas; 146g, Conception; 150v, Lucy; 151v, Thomas the Apostle; 151v, Fabian and Sebastian; 154v, Agnes; 157v, Conversion of Paul; 159r, Vincent; 163r, Purification; 166r, Blaise; 166v, Agatha; 169r, Dorothy; 172v, Peter's Chair; 173r, Gregory; 176r, Benedict; 178v, Annunciation; 183v, Adalbert (Wojciech); 185r, Mark; 185v, Philip and James; 186v, Finding of the Cross; 188r, Florian; 188r, John before the Latin gate; 188v, John the Baptist; 191v, John and Paul; 192v, Peter and Paul; 195v, Paul; 198v, Margaret; 201r, Mary Magdalene, 205v, James; 208v, Peter's Chains; 209r, Finding of Stephen; 209r, Dominic; 212r, Laurence; 215r, Hippolytus; 215v, Assumption; 219r, Bartholomew; 219r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 220r, Nativity of Mary; 224v, Exaltation of the Cross; 225r, Matthew; 225v, Cosmas and Damian; 225v, Translation of Stanislaus; 229v, Wenceslaus; 232r, Michael; 235v, Francis; 238v, Luke; 238v, 11,000 Virgins; 241v, Simon and Thaddeus; 241v, All Saints; 243v, Martin; 247r, Elisabeth of Hungary; 250r, Cecilia; 252r, Clement; 253r, Katherine.
F. 257v, Dedication of a Church.
Ff. 261r-280r, Common of Saints. 261r, Common of Apostles; 263v, Common of Evangelists; 266v, Common of Martyrs; 272r, Common of Confessors; 275v Common of Virgins.
Ff. 280r-282r, Office of the Dead.
Ff. 282v-294v, Visitation of Mary (late XV cent.)
The beginning of the manuscript is missing (from the first to the fourth Sunday of Advent). F. 7 is bound incorrectly as it contains some chants for the 4th Sunday of Advent; the correct folio is missing. Folio 53 uncorrectly numbered 54. After f. 146 there is an error in numeration: the folio following 146 is numbered as 141, with a duplication of numbers for five more folia. In the index, the second instances of 141 to 146 are identified as (recto,verso): 146w,x; 146y,z; 146a,b; 146c,d; 146e,f; 146g,h.
The collegiate church in Kielce was founded in 1171 by Gedko (Gedeon), Bishop of Krakow. In 1882 it became the cathedral. The Cathedral Chapter Library in Kielce possesses over a dozen parchment manuscripts - the antiphoner from 1372 is considered to be the most precious. This antiphoner is the oldest one in the Krakow diocese. It shows many parallels with the sources from Krakow (such as ms. 52 and ms. 47 from Krakow Cathedral Chapter Library).
Each chant not found in CAO is assigned a number prefixed by "kie."

Selected Bibliography:
Miazga, Tadeusz. Antyfonarz Kielecki z 1372 roku pod względem muzykologicznym. Graz, 1977.
Kubieniec, Jakub. Uniwersalizm i swoistość w śedniowiecznych antyfonarzach krakowskich. Kraków, 2005. (pp. 154-160 about Neuma triplex and prosulae)

The computer index was prepared by Bartosz Izbicki at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with editorial assistance from Debra Lacoste, The University of Waterloo (Ontario).

PL-KiK 1
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Chants of the source

6260 chants found.
Folio Seq Incipit Cantus ID Feast Image
015v 1 Positis autem genibus beatus M V 01 007072a Stephani
015v 2 Patefactae sunt januae caeli M R 2.3 007358 Stephani
015v 3 Vidit beatus Stephanus caelos M V 01 007358b Stephani
015v 4 Lapidaverunt Stephanum et M A 3.1 003576 Stephani
015v 5 Lapides torrentes illi dulces M A 3.2 003580 Stephani
015v 6 Ecce video caelos apertos et M A 3.3 002554 Stephani
015v 7 Magna est gloria ejus* M W 3. 008130 Stephani
015v 8 Impetum fecerunt unanimes in M R 3.1 006885 Stephani
015v 9 Positis autem genibus M V 01 006885a Stephani
015v 10 Intuens in caelum beatus M R 3.2 006984 Stephani
016r 1 Cumque aspiceret beatus M V 01 006984a Stephani
016r 2 Impii super justum jacturam M R 3.3 006887 Stephani
016r 3 Captabant in animam justi et M V 01 006887a Stephani
016r 4 Corona aurea super caput* M W 007997 Stephani
016r 5 Cum autem esset Stephanus L A 1 001987 Stephani
016r 6 Lapidabant Judaei Stephanum L A 2 003575 Stephani
016r 7 Adhaesit anima mea post te L A 3 001272 Stephani
016r 8 Stephanus vidit caelos L A 4 005028 Stephani
016r 9 Positis autem genibus clama- L A 5 004317 Stephani
016r 10 Soluta sunt* L H 008346b Stephani
016r 11 Praesepe poni* L H 008257d Stephani
016r 12 Corona aurea super* L W 007997 Stephani
016v 1 Patefactae sunt januae caeli L A B 004229 Stephani
016v 2 Cum autem* D A 001987 Stephani
016v 3 Gloria et honore* D R 1 006776 Stephani
016v 4 Jucundus homo* V2 A 003510 Stephani
016v 5 Tecum principium* V2 A p 005127 Stephani
016v 6 Verbum caro* V2 R 007840 Stephani
016v 7 A solis ortu* V2 H 008248 Stephani
016v 8 Gloria et honore* V2 W 008081 Stephani
016v 9 Sepelierunt Stephanum viri V2 A M 004866 Stephani
016v 10 Vox tonitrui* V R 007921 Joannis Evang.
016v 11 Joannes virgo* V H 830095a Joannis Evang.
016v 12 Annue Christe* V H 008264 Joannis Evang.
016v 13 In omnem terram* V W 008097 Joannis Evang.
016v 14 Cibavit eum dominus pane* V W 800593 Joannis Evang.
016v 15 Valde honorandus* V A M 005309 Joannis Evang.
016v 16 Vox tonitrui tui deus in rota V R 007921 Joannis Evang.
016v 17 Victo senatu cum Caesare V V 01 007921a Joannis Evang.
016v 18 Gloria patri et filio et V V 02 909000 Joannis Evang.
016v 19 Joannes virgo* V H 830095a Joannis Evang.
016v 20 Annue Christe* V H 008264 Joannis Evang.
016v 21 Cibavit eum dominus pane* V W 800593 Joannis Evang.
016v 22 In omnem terram* V W 008097 Joannis Evang.
016v 23 Valde honorandus est beatus V A M 005309 Joannis Evang.
017r 1 Adoremus regem apostolorum M I 001013 Joannis Evang.
017r 2 Aeterna Christi* M H 008252 Joannis Evang.
017r 3 Agnoscat* M H 008257 Joannis Evang.
017r 4 Joannes apostolus et M A 1.1 003494 Joannis Evang.
017r 5 Supra pectus domini Jesu M A 1.2 005068 Joannis Evang.
017r 6 Quasi unus de paradisi M A 1.3 004451 Joannis Evang.
017r 7 In ferventis olei dolium M A 2.1 003234 Joannis Evang.
017r 8 Propter insuperabilem M A 2.2 004397 Joannis Evang.
017r 9 Occurrit beato Joanni ab M A 2.3 004105 Joannis Evang.
017v 1 Apparuit caro suo Joanni M A 3.1 001458 Joannis Evang.
017v 2 Expandens manus suas ad deum M A 3.2 002795 Joannis Evang.
017v 3 Domine suscipe me ut cum M A 3.3 002391 Joannis Evang.
017v 4 Qui vicerit faciam illum M A 1.1 004505 Joannis Evang.
017v 5 Cibavit illum dominus pane M A 1.2 001802 Joannis Evang.
017v 6 Spiritu sapientiae salutaris M A 1.3 004995 Joannis Evang.
018r 1 In omnem terram exivit sonus* M W 1. 008097 Joannis Evang.
018r 2 Valde honorandus est beatus M R 1.1 007817 Joannis Evang.
018r 3 Mulier ecce filius tuus ad M V 01 007817a Joannis Evang.
018r 4 In illo die suscipiam te M R 1.2 006906 Joannis Evang.
018r 5 In tribulatione invocasti me M V 01 006906a Joannis Evang.
018r 6 Qui vicerit faciam illum M R 1.3 007486 Joannis Evang.
018r 7 In illo die suscipiam te M V 01 007486a Joannis Evang.
018r 8 Vincenti dabo edere de ligno M V 02 007486b Joannis Evang.
018r 9 Dedit illi dominus claritatem M A 2.1 002134 Joannis Evang.
018r 10 Tu es discipulus meus in te M A 2.2 005204 Joannis Evang.
018v 1 Ponam te signaculum dicit M A 2.3 004303 Joannis Evang.
018v 2 Constitues eos principes* M W 2. 007994 Joannis Evang.
018v 3 Hic est discipulus qui M R 2.1 006822 Joannis Evang.
018v 4 Fluenta evangelii de ipso M V 01 006822b Joannis Evang.
018v 5 Iste est Joannes qui supra M R 2.2 007001 Joannis Evang.
018v 6 Valde honorandus est beatus M V 01 007001a Joannis Evang.
018v 7 Cibavit illum dominus pane os M R 2.3 006281 Joannis Evang.
018v 8 In medio ecclesiae aperuit M V 01 006281a Joannis Evang.
018v 9 Dicit dominus matri suae M A 3.1 002286 Joannis Evang.
019r 1 Joannes autem apostolus virgo M A 3.2 003495 Joannis Evang.
019r 2 Misit dominus manum suam et M A 3.3 003786 Joannis Evang.
019r 3 Nimis honorati sunt amici tui M W 3. 008148 Joannis Evang.
019r 4 Ecce puer meus quem elegi M R 3.1 006603 Joannis Evang.
019r 5 Dedi spiritum meum super eum M V 01 006603b Joannis Evang.
019r 6 Iste est Joannes qui supra M V 02 006603a Joannis Evang.
019r 7 Diligebat autem eum Jesus M R 3.2 006454 Joannis Evang.
019r 8 In cruce denique moriturus M V 01 006454a Joannis Evang.
019r 9 In medio ecclesiae aperuit os M R 3.3 006913 Joannis Evang.
019r 10 Misit dominus manum suam et M V 01 006913a Joannis Evang.
019r 11 Annuntiaverunt opera dei M W 007950 Joannis Evang.
019r 12 Hic est discipulus ille qui L A 1 003051 Joannis Evang.
019v 1 Hic est discipulus meus sic L A 2 003052 Joannis Evang.
019v 2 Ecce puer meus electus quem L A 3 002536 Joannis Evang.
019v 3 Sunt de hic stantibus qui non L A 4 005056 Joannis Evang.
019v 4 Sic eum volo manere donec L A 5 004923 Joannis Evang.
019v 5 Devota* L H 008252e Joannis Evang.
019v 6 Praesepe* L H 008257d Joannis Evang.
019v 7 Annuntiaverunt* L W 007950 Joannis Evang.
019v 8 In medio ecclesiae aperuit L A B 003255 Joannis Evang.
019v 9 Hic est dicipulus* D A 003052 Joannis Evang.