[PL-KiK 1] Antyfonarz kielecki

Antiphoner from Kielce (Poland), written in 1372 by Chwalisław (Falislaus) from Nysa (in Silesia), vicar in the collegiate church of Kielce, engaged by Mikołaj Goworek (Nicolaus Goworkonis, d. 1376), canon in Krakow, Kielce and Sandomierz. Gothicized Messine-German notation on a 5-line staff. Cathedral cursus. 287 folios. 27 x 39 cm.
Liturgical Occasions “at a glance” (refer to the index for complete contents):
Ff. 1r-145v: Temporale. 1r, Advent; 5r, O antiphons; 6r, Christmas; 12v, Stephen; 16v, John the Evangelist; 19v, Holy Innocents; 25r, Epiphany; 41r, Septuagesima; 49v, Lent; 78r, Triduum; 89v, Easter; 102r, Ascension; 106r, Pentecost; 111r, Trinity; 114v, Corpus Christi; 121v Histories; 140r, Sundays after Pentecost.
Ff. 145v-257v, Sanctorale. 145v, Andrew, 146a, Nicholas; 146g, Conception; 150v, Lucy; 151v, Thomas the Apostle; 151v, Fabian and Sebastian; 154v, Agnes; 157v, Conversion of Paul; 159r, Vincent; 163r, Purification; 166r, Blaise; 166v, Agatha; 169r, Dorothy; 172v, Peter's Chair; 173r, Gregory; 176r, Benedict; 178v, Annunciation; 183v, Adalbert (Wojciech); 185r, Mark; 185v, Philip and James; 186v, Finding of the Cross; 188r, Florian; 188r, John before the Latin gate; 188v, John the Baptist; 191v, John and Paul; 192v, Peter and Paul; 195v, Paul; 198v, Margaret; 201r, Mary Magdalene, 205v, James; 208v, Peter's Chains; 209r, Finding of Stephen; 209r, Dominic; 212r, Laurence; 215r, Hippolytus; 215v, Assumption; 219r, Bartholomew; 219r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 220r, Nativity of Mary; 224v, Exaltation of the Cross; 225r, Matthew; 225v, Cosmas and Damian; 225v, Translation of Stanislaus; 229v, Wenceslaus; 232r, Michael; 235v, Francis; 238v, Luke; 238v, 11,000 Virgins; 241v, Simon and Thaddeus; 241v, All Saints; 243v, Martin; 247r, Elisabeth of Hungary; 250r, Cecilia; 252r, Clement; 253r, Katherine.
F. 257v, Dedication of a Church.
Ff. 261r-280r, Common of Saints. 261r, Common of Apostles; 263v, Common of Evangelists; 266v, Common of Martyrs; 272r, Common of Confessors; 275v Common of Virgins.
Ff. 280r-282r, Office of the Dead.
Ff. 282v-294v, Visitation of Mary (late XV cent.)
The beginning of the manuscript is missing (from the first to the fourth Sunday of Advent). F. 7 is bound incorrectly as it contains some chants for the 4th Sunday of Advent; the correct folio is missing. Folio 53 uncorrectly numbered 54. After f. 146 there is an error in numeration: the folio following 146 is numbered as 141, with a duplication of numbers for five more folia. In the index, the second instances of 141 to 146 are identified as (recto,verso): 146w,x; 146y,z; 146a,b; 146c,d; 146e,f; 146g,h.
The collegiate church in Kielce was founded in 1171 by Gedko (Gedeon), Bishop of Krakow. In 1882 it became the cathedral. The Cathedral Chapter Library in Kielce possesses over a dozen parchment manuscripts - the antiphoner from 1372 is considered to be the most precious. This antiphoner is the oldest one in the Krakow diocese. It shows many parallels with the sources from Krakow (such as ms. 52 and ms. 47 from Krakow Cathedral Chapter Library).
Each chant not found in CAO is assigned a number prefixed by "kie."

Selected Bibliography:
Miazga, Tadeusz. Antyfonarz Kielecki z 1372 roku pod względem muzykologicznym. Graz, 1977.
Kubieniec, Jakub. Uniwersalizm i swoistość w śedniowiecznych antyfonarzach krakowskich. Kraków, 2005. (pp. 154-160 about Neuma triplex and prosulae)

The computer index was prepared by Bartosz Izbicki at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with editorial assistance from Debra Lacoste, The University of Waterloo (Ontario).

PL-KiK 1
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Chants of the source

6260 chants found.
Folio Seq Incipit Cantus ID Feast Image
019v 10 In omnem terram* D R 006918 Joannis Evang.
019v 11 Tecum principium* V2 A 1 005127 Joannis Evang.
019v 12 Verbum caro* V2 R 007840 Joannis Evang.
019v 13 A solis ortu* V2 H 008248 Joannis Evang.
019v 14 In omnem terram* V2 W 008097 Joannis Evang.
019v 15 Iste est Joannes qui supra V2 A M 003425 Joannis Evang.
019v 16 Centum quadraginta* V R 006273 Nat. Innocentium
019v 17 Rex gloriose* V H 008386 Nat. Innocentium
019v 18 Laetamini* V W 008120 Nat. Innocentium
019v 19 Ambulabunt* V A M 001364 Nat. Innocentium
019v 20 Centum quadraginta* V R 006273 Nat. Innocentium
019v 21 Rex gloriose* V H 008386 Nat. Innocentium
019v 22 Laetamini in domino* V W 008120 Nat. Innocentium
019v 23 Ambulabunt mecum in albis V A M 001364 Nat. Innocentium
020r 1 Regem regum dominum venite M I 001146 Nat. Innocentium
020r 2 Sanctorum meritis* M H 008390 Nat. Innocentium
020r 3 Deus tuorum* M H 008294 Nat. Innocentium
020r 4 Agnoscat* M H 008257 Nat. Innocentium
020r 5 Herodes videns quia illusus M A 1.1 003035 Nat. Innocentium
020r 6 Christus infans non despexit M A 1.2 001794 Nat. Innocentium
020r 7 Arridebat parvulus occisori M A 1.3 001484 Nat. Innocentium
020r 8 Laetamini in domino* M W 1. 008120 Nat. Innocentium
020r 9 Sub altare dei audivi voces M R 1.1 007713 Nat. Innocentium
020r 10 Vidi sub ara dei animas M V 01 007713a Nat. Innocentium
020r 11 Effuderunt sanguinem M R 1.2 006624 Nat. Innocentium
020v 1 Vindica domine sanguinem M V 01 006624a Nat. Innocentium
020v 2 Adoraverunt viventem in M R 1.3 006050 Nat. Innocentium
020v 3 Et ceciderunt in conspectu M V 01 006050b Nat. Innocentium
020v 4 Norunt infantes laudare deum M A 2.1 003952 Nat. Innocentium
020v 5 Erigitur itaque infantium M A 2.2 002667 Nat. Innocentium
020v 6 Dignus a dignis laudatur et M A 2.3 002222 Nat. Innocentium
020v 7 Exsultent justi* M W 2. 008070 Nat. Innocentium
020v 8 Isti sunt sancti qui passi M R 2.1 007022 Nat. Innocentium
020v 9 Vindica domine* M V 01 007022a Nat. Innocentium
020v 10 Cantabant sancti canticum M R 2.2 006266 Nat. Innocentium
020v 11 Sub throno dei omnes sancti M V 01 006266a Nat. Innocentium
021r 1 Isti sunt sancti qui non M R 2.3 007021 Nat. Innocentium
021r 2 Hi sunt qui cum mulieribus M V 01 007021a Nat. Innocentium
021r 3 Licuit sanguine loqui quibus M A 3.1 003627 Nat. Innocentium
021r 4 Clamant clamant clamant M A 3.2 001822 Nat. Innocentium
021r 5 Audivi voces occisorum sub M A 3.3 200432 Nat. Innocentium
021r 6 Justi autem in perpetuum* M W 3. 008112 Nat. Innocentium
021r 7 Coronavit eos dominus corona M R 3.1 006342 Nat. Innocentium
021r 8 Isti sunt qui cum mulieribus* M V 01 006342zc Nat. Innocentium
021r 9 Ecce vidi agnum stantem supra M R 3.2 006617 Nat. Innocentium
021r 10 Cantabant sancti canticum M V 01 006617za Nat. Innocentium
021v 1 Centum quadraginta quattuor M R 3.3 006273 Nat. Innocentium
021v 2 Hi empti sunt ex hominibus M V 01 006273b Nat. Innocentium
021v 3 Herodes iratus occidit multos L A 1 003032 Nat. Innocentium
021v 4 A bimatu et infra occidit L A 2 001187 Nat. Innocentium
021v 5 Vox in Rama audita est L A 3 005508 Nat. Innocentium
021v 6 Sub throno dei omnes sancti L A 4 005039 Nat. Innocentium
021v 7 Cantabant sancti canticum L A 5 001759 Nat. Innocentium
021v 8 Caeduntur gladiis* L H 008390c Nat. Innocentium
021v 9 Praesepe poni* L H 008257d Nat. Innocentium
021v 10 Gloriosus deus in* L W 008083 Nat. Innocentium
021v 11 Hi sunt qui cum mulieribus L A B 003044 Nat. Innocentium
022r 1 Herodes iratus* D A 003032 Nat. Innocentium
022r 2 Laetamini* D R 007065 Nat. Innocentium
022r 3 Tecum principium* V2 A 005127 Nat. Innocentium
022r 4 Verbum caro* V2 R 007840 Nat. Innocentium
022r 5 A solis ortu* V2 H 008248 Nat. Innocentium
022r 6 Laetamini in domino* V2 W 008120 Nat. Innocentium
022r 7 Hi sunt qui venerunt ex magna V2 A M 003045 Nat. Innocentium
022r 8 Angeli eorum semper vident R A 001400 Nat. Innocentium
022r 9 Sinite parvulos venire ad me R A 004966 Nat. Innocentium
022r 10 Laverunt stolas suas et R A 003602 Nat. Innocentium
022r 11 Innocentes pro Christo R A 003351 Nat. Innocentium
022r 12 Verbum* V R 007840 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 13 A solis ortu* V H 008248 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 14 Tamquam sponsus* V W 008216 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 15 Pastores dicite* V A M 004224 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 16 Christus natus est* M I 001055 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 17 Agnoscat* M H 008257 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 18 Dominus* M A 1.1 002406 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 19 Homo natus* M A 1.3 003130 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 20 Tamquam sponsus* M W 008216 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022r 21 Ecce agnus dei qui tollit M R 1 006575 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 1 Hoc est testimonium quod M V 01 006575a Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 2 Hic qui advenit nemo scit M R 2 006838 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 3 Ecce dominator dominus M V 01 006838a Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 4 Nesciens mater virgo virum M R 3 007212 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 5 Beata viscera Mariae virginis M V 01 007212b Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 6 Continet in gremio caelum M R 4 006333 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 7 Domus pudici pectoris templum M V 01 006333b Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
022v 8 Confirmatum est cor virginis M R 5 006314 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023r 1 Domus pudici pectoris* M V 01 006314a Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023r 2 Congratulamini mihi omnes qui M R 6 006322 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023r 3 Casta parentis viscera M V 01 006322a Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023r 4 Benedictus qui venit in M R 7 006251 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023r 5 Lapidem quem reprobaverunt M V 01 006251a Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023r 6 Beata et venerabilis virgo M R 8 006167 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023r 7 Domine audivi auditum tuum M V 01 006167a Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023v 1 O regem caeli cui talia M R 9 007297 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023v 2 Christo stella choruscans M V 01 007297za Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023v 3 Domine audivi auditum tuum* M V 02 007297a Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023v 4 Quem vidistis* L A R 004455 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023v 5 Praesepe poni* L H 008257d Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023v 6 Benedictus qui* L W 007978 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.
023v 7 Dum medium silentium tenerent L A B 002461 Dom. p. Nat. Dom.