PL-Klk 1 Antyfonarz kielecki

Antiphoner from Kielce (Poland), written in 1372 by Chwalisław (Falislaus) from Nysa (in Silesia), vicar in the collegiate church of Kielce, engaged by Mikołaj Goworek (Nicolaus Goworkonis, d. 1376), canon in Krakow, Kielce and Sandomierz. Gothicized Messine-German notation on a 5-line staff. Cathedral cursus. 287 folios. 27 x 39 cm.
Liturgical Occasions “at a glance” (refer to the index for complete contents):
Ff. 1r-145v: Temporale. 1r, Advent; 5r, O antiphons; 6r, Christmas; 12v, Stephen; 16v, John the Evangelist; 19v, Holy Innocents; 25r, Epiphany; 41r, Septuagesima; 49v, Lent; 78r, Triduum; 89v, Easter; 102r, Ascension; 106r, Pentecost; 111r, Trinity; 114v, Corpus Christi; 121v Histories; 140r, Sundays after Pentecost.
Ff. 145v-257v, Sanctorale. 145v, Andrew, 146a, Nicholas; 146g, Conception; 150v, Lucy; 151v, Thomas the Apostle; 151v, Fabian and Sebastian; 154v, Agnes; 157v, Conversion of Paul; 159r, Vincent; 163r, Purification; 166r, Blaise; 166v, Agatha; 169r, Dorothy; 172v, Peter's Chair; 173r, Gregory; 176r, Benedict; 178v, Annunciation; 183v, Adalbert (Wojciech); 185r, Mark; 185v, Philip and James; 186v, Finding of the Cross; 188r, Florian; 188r, John before the Latin gate; 188v, John the Baptist; 191v, John and Paul; 192v, Peter and Paul; 195v, Paul; 198v, Margaret; 201r, Mary Magdalene, 205v, James; 208v, Peter's Chains; 209r, Finding of Stephen; 209r, Dominic; 212r, Laurence; 215r, Hippolytus; 215v, Assumption; 219r, Bartholomew; 219r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 220r, Nativity of Mary; 224v, Exaltation of the Cross; 225r, Matthew; 225v, Cosmas and Damian; 225v, Translation of Stanislaus; 229v, Wenceslaus; 232r, Michael; 235v, Francis; 238v, Luke; 238v, 11,000 Virgins; 241v, Simon and Thaddeus; 241v, All Saints; 243v, Martin; 247r, Elisabeth of Hungary; 250r, Cecilia; 252r, Clement; 253r, Katherine.
F. 257v, Dedication of a Church.
Ff. 261r-280r, Common of Saints. 261r, Common of Apostles; 263v, Common of Evangelists; 266v, Common of Martyrs; 272r, Common of Confessors; 275v Common of Virgins.
Ff. 280r-282r, Office of the Dead.
Ff. 282v-294v, Visitation of Mary (late XV cent.)
The beginning of the manuscript is missing (from the first to the fourth Sunday of Advent). F. 7 is bound incorrectly as it contains some chants for the 4th Sunday of Advent; the correct folio is missing. Folio 53 uncorrectly numbered 54. After f. 146 there is an error in numeration: the folio following 146 is numbered as 141, with a duplication of numbers for five more folia. In the index, the second instances of 141 to 146 are identified as (recto,verso): 146w,x; 146y,z; 146a,b; 146c,d; 146e,f; 146g,h.
The collegiate church in Kielce was founded in 1171 by Gedko (Gedeon), Bishop of Krakow. In 1882 it became the cathedral. The Cathedral Chapter Library in Kielce possesses over a dozen parchment manuscripts - the antiphoner from 1372 is considered to be the most precious. This antiphoner is the oldest one in the Krakow diocese. It shows many parallels with the sources from Krakow (such as ms. 52 and ms. 47 from Krakow Cathedral Chapter Library).
Each chant not found in CAO is assigned a number prefixed by "kie."

Selected Bibliography:
Miazga, Tadeusz. Antyfonarz Kielecki z 1372 roku pod względem muzykologicznym. Graz, 1977.
Kubieniec, Jakub. Uniwersalizm i swoistość w śedniowiecznych antyfonarzach krakowskich. Kraków, 2005. (pp. 154-160 about Neuma triplex and prosulae)

The computer index was prepared by Bartosz Izbicki at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with editorial assistance from Debra Lacoste, The University of Waterloo (Ontario).

ms. 1
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Chants of the source

6260 chants found.
Folio Seq Incipit Cantus ID Feast Image
038v 11 Benedixisti domine terram M A 3 001733 Feria 6 per annum
038v 12 Fundamenta ejus in montibus M A 4 002911 Feria 6 per annum
038v 13 Benedictus dominus in M A 5 001721 Feria 6 per annum
039r 1 Cantate domino et benedicite M A 6 001764 Feria 6 per annum
039r 2 Beatus homo quem tu erudieris M W 007961 Feria 6 per annum
039r 3 Confitebor tibi domine deus M R 1 006317 Feria 6 per annum
039r 4 Et eripuisti animam meam ex M V 01 006317a Feria 6 per annum
039r 5 Misericordia tua domine magna M R 2 007161 Feria 6 per annum
039r 6 Deus iniqui insurrexerunt in M V 01 007161a Feria 6 per annum
039r 7 Factus est mihi dominus in M R 3 006716 Feria 6 per annum
039r 8 Deus ultionum dominus deus M V 01 006716a Feria 6 per annum
039r 9 Fiat misericordia* M W 800170 Feria 6 per annum
039r 10 Spiritu principali confirma L A 1 004994 Feria 6 per annum
039r 11 In veritate tua exaudi me L A 2 003309 Feria 6 per annum
039r 12 Illumina domine vultum tuum L A 3 003182 Feria 6 per annum
039r 13 Domine audivi auditum tuum et L A 4 002326 Feria 6 per annum
039r 14 In tympano et choro in L A 5 003303 Feria 6 per annum
039v 1 Aeterna caeli gloria beata L H 008253 Feria 6 per annum
039v 2 Per viscera misericordiae dei L A B 004270 Feria 6 per annum
039v 3 In conspectu angelorum V2 A 1 003215 Feria 6 per annum
039v 4 Domine probasti me et V2 A 2 002367 Feria 6 per annum
039v 5 A viro iniquo libera me V2 A 3 001197 Feria 6 per annum
039v 6 Domine clamavi ad te exaudi V2 A 4 002328 Feria 6 per annum
039v 7 Portio mea domine sit in V2 A 5 004316 Feria 6 per annum
039v 8 Plasmator hominis deus qui V2 H 008371 Feria 6 per annum
039v 9 Suscepit deus Israel puerum V2 A M 005086 Feria 6 per annum
039v 10 Dominum deum nostrum venite M I 001064 Sabbato per annum
039v 11 Summae deus clementiae M H 008396 Sabbato per annum
040r 1 Quia mirabilia fecit dominus M A 1 004511 Sabbato per annum
040r 2 Jubilate deo omnis terra M A 2 003508 Sabbato per annum
040r 3 Clamor meus ad te veniat deus M A 3 001825 Sabbato per annum
040r 4 Benedic anima mea domino M A 4 001682 Sabbato per annum
040r 5 Visita nos domine in salutari M A 5 005471 Sabbato per annum
040r 6 Confitebor domino nimis in M A 6 001874 Sabbato per annum
040r 7 Domine exaudi orationem meam* M W 008025 Sabbato per annum
040r 8 Misericordiam et judicium M R 1 007162 Sabbato per annum
040r 9 Perambulabam in innocentia M V 01 007162a Sabbato per annum
040r 10 Domine exaudi orationem meam M R 2 006495 Sabbato per annum
040r 11 De profundis clamavi ad te M V 01 006495a Sabbato per annum
040r 12 Velociter exaudi me domine M R 3 007820 Sabbato per annum
040r 13 Dies mei sicut umbra M V 01 007820a Sabbato per annum
040v 1 Benigne fac in bona voluntate L A 1 001736 Sabbato per annum
040v 2 Bonum est confiteri domino L A 2 001744 Sabbato per annum
040v 3 Metuant dominum omnes fines L A 3 003749 Sabbato per annum
040v 4 Et in servis suis dominus L A 4 002705 Sabbato per annum
040v 5 In cymbalis benesonantibus L A 5 003218 Sabbato per annum
040v 6 Aurora jam spargit polum L H 008270 Sabbato per annum
040v 7 Illuminare domine his qui in L A B 003184 Sabbato per annum
040v 8 A dextris* V R 006002 Dom. 3 p. Epiph.
040v 9 Quid mihi* V A M 004526 Dom. 3 p. Epiph.
040v 10 Cum autem descendisset Jesus L A B 001985 Dom. 3 p. Epiph.
040v 11 Domine si tu vis potes me E A 1 002388 Dom. 3 p. Epiph.
040v 12 Domine puer meus jacet E A 2 002368 Dom. 3 p. Epiph.
041r 1 Domine non sum dignus ut E A 3 002363 Dom. 3 p. Epiph.
041r 2 Notas mihi* V R 007240 Dom. 4 p. Epiph.
041r 3 Domine non* V A M 002363 Dom. 4 p. Epiph.
041r 4 Ascendente Jesu in naviculam L A B 001489 Dom. 4 p. Epiph.
041r 5 Domine salva nos perimus E A 1 002381 Dom. 4 p. Epiph.
041r 6 Surgens Jesus imperavit E A 2 005074 Dom. 4 p. Epiph.
041r 7 Domine nonne bonum semen L A B 002364 Dom. 5 p. Epiph.
041r 8 Colligite primum zizania et V2 A M 001853 Dom. 5 p. Epiph.
041r 9 Alleluia* V A 1 001328 Dom. Septuagesimae
041r 10 Alleluia judica judicium meum V R 006074 Dom. Septuagesimae
041v 1 Vide humilitatem meam et V V 01 006074a Dom. Septuagesimae
041v 2 Cantemus cuncti melodum nunc V H 830058 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 1 Deus creator* V H 008292 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 2 Vespertina oratio* V W 008240 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 3 Hymnum cantate nobis alleluia V A M 003152 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 4 O florens* V A R 203438 Suff. Mariae
042r 5 Jesu redemptor saeculi verbum C H 830177 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 6 Salva nos* C A N 004686 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 7 Adoremus* M I 001009 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 8 Primo dierum* M H 008373 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 9 Servite domino* M A 1.1 004876 Dom. Septuagesimae
042r 10 Memor fui nocte* M W 1. 008138 Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 1 In principio fecit deus M R 1.1 006928 Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 2 Formavit igitur dominus M V 01 006928a Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 3 In principio deus creavit M R 1.2 006925 Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 4 Igitur perfecti sunt caeli et M V 01 006925a Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 5 Formavit igitur dominus M R 1.3 006739 Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 6 In principio fecit deus M V 01 006739a Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 7 Tulit ergo dominus hominem et M R 2.1 007798 Dom. Septuagesimae
042v 8 Formavit igitur dominus M V 01 007798b Dom. Septuagesimae
043r 1 Dixit dominus deus non est M R 2.2 006473 Dom. Septuagesimae
043r 2 Adae vero non inveniebatur M V 01 006473a Dom. Septuagesimae
043r 3 Immisit dominus soporem in M R 2.3 006883 Dom. Septuagesimae
043r 4 Hoc nunc os ex ossibus meis M V 01 006883a Dom. Septuagesimae
043r 5 Dum deambularet dominus in M R 3.1 006537 Dom. Septuagesimae
043r 6 Domine audivi auditum tuum et M V 01 006537b Dom. Septuagesimae
043r 7 In sudore vultus tui vesceris M R 3.2 006937 Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 1 Pro eo quod oboedisti voci M V 01 006937a Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 2 Ecce Adam quasi unus ex nobis M R 3.3 006571 Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 3 Cherubim et flammeum gladium M V 01 006571a Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 4 Gloria* M V 02 909000 Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 5 Ubi est Abel frater tuus M R 10 007804 Hebd. Septuagesimae
043v 6 Maledicta terra in opere tuo M V 01 007804a Hebd. Septuagesimae
043v 7 In matutinis domine meditabor M W 008095 Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 8 Miserere mei deus et a L A 1 003774 Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 9 Confitebor tibi domine quoni- L A 2 001876 Dom. Septuagesimae
043v 10 Deus deus meus ad te de luce L A 3 002170 Dom. Septuagesimae