[PL-KiK 1] Antyfonarz kielecki

Antiphoner from Kielce (Poland), written in 1372 by Chwalisław (Falislaus) from Nysa (in Silesia), vicar in the collegiate church of Kielce, engaged by Mikołaj Goworek (Nicolaus Goworkonis, d. 1376), canon in Krakow, Kielce and Sandomierz. Gothicized Messine-German notation on a 5-line staff. Cathedral cursus. 287 folios. 27 x 39 cm.
Liturgical Occasions “at a glance” (refer to the index for complete contents):
Ff. 1r-145v: Temporale. 1r, Advent; 5r, O antiphons; 6r, Christmas; 12v, Stephen; 16v, John the Evangelist; 19v, Holy Innocents; 25r, Epiphany; 41r, Septuagesima; 49v, Lent; 78r, Triduum; 89v, Easter; 102r, Ascension; 106r, Pentecost; 111r, Trinity; 114v, Corpus Christi; 121v Histories; 140r, Sundays after Pentecost.
Ff. 145v-257v, Sanctorale. 145v, Andrew, 146a, Nicholas; 146g, Conception; 150v, Lucy; 151v, Thomas the Apostle; 151v, Fabian and Sebastian; 154v, Agnes; 157v, Conversion of Paul; 159r, Vincent; 163r, Purification; 166r, Blaise; 166v, Agatha; 169r, Dorothy; 172v, Peter's Chair; 173r, Gregory; 176r, Benedict; 178v, Annunciation; 183v, Adalbert (Wojciech); 185r, Mark; 185v, Philip and James; 186v, Finding of the Cross; 188r, Florian; 188r, John before the Latin gate; 188v, John the Baptist; 191v, John and Paul; 192v, Peter and Paul; 195v, Paul; 198v, Margaret; 201r, Mary Magdalene, 205v, James; 208v, Peter's Chains; 209r, Finding of Stephen; 209r, Dominic; 212r, Laurence; 215r, Hippolytus; 215v, Assumption; 219r, Bartholomew; 219r, Beheading of John the Baptist; 220r, Nativity of Mary; 224v, Exaltation of the Cross; 225r, Matthew; 225v, Cosmas and Damian; 225v, Translation of Stanislaus; 229v, Wenceslaus; 232r, Michael; 235v, Francis; 238v, Luke; 238v, 11,000 Virgins; 241v, Simon and Thaddeus; 241v, All Saints; 243v, Martin; 247r, Elisabeth of Hungary; 250r, Cecilia; 252r, Clement; 253r, Katherine.
F. 257v, Dedication of a Church.
Ff. 261r-280r, Common of Saints. 261r, Common of Apostles; 263v, Common of Evangelists; 266v, Common of Martyrs; 272r, Common of Confessors; 275v Common of Virgins.
Ff. 280r-282r, Office of the Dead.
Ff. 282v-294v, Visitation of Mary (late XV cent.)
The beginning of the manuscript is missing (from the first to the fourth Sunday of Advent). F. 7 is bound incorrectly as it contains some chants for the 4th Sunday of Advent; the correct folio is missing. Folio 53 uncorrectly numbered 54. After f. 146 there is an error in numeration: the folio following 146 is numbered as 141, with a duplication of numbers for five more folia. In the index, the second instances of 141 to 146 are identified as (recto,verso): 146w,x; 146y,z; 146a,b; 146c,d; 146e,f; 146g,h.
The collegiate church in Kielce was founded in 1171 by Gedko (Gedeon), Bishop of Krakow. In 1882 it became the cathedral. The Cathedral Chapter Library in Kielce possesses over a dozen parchment manuscripts - the antiphoner from 1372 is considered to be the most precious. This antiphoner is the oldest one in the Krakow diocese. It shows many parallels with the sources from Krakow (such as ms. 52 and ms. 47 from Krakow Cathedral Chapter Library).
Each chant not found in CAO is assigned a number prefixed by "kie."

Selected Bibliography:
Miazga, Tadeusz. Antyfonarz Kielecki z 1372 roku pod względem muzykologicznym. Graz, 1977.
Kubieniec, Jakub. Uniwersalizm i swoistość w śedniowiecznych antyfonarzach krakowskich. Kraków, 2005. (pp. 154-160 about Neuma triplex and prosulae)

The computer index was prepared by Bartosz Izbicki at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with editorial assistance from Debra Lacoste, The University of Waterloo (Ontario).

PL-KiK 1
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Chants of the source

6260 chants found.
Folio Seq Incipit Cantus ID Feast Image
011r 6 Agnoscat omne saeculum P H 01 008257 Nativitas Domini
011r 7 Isaias quae cecinit P H 02 008257a Nativitas Domini
011r 8 Maria ventre concepit verbi P H 03 008257b Nativitas Domini
011r 9 Radix Jesse jam floruit et P H 04 008257c.1 Nativitas Domini
011r 10 Praesepe poni pertulit qui P H 05 008257d Nativitas Domini
011r 11 Legem dedit qui saeculo cujus P H 06 008257e Nativitas Domini
011r 12 Adam vetus quod polluit Adam P H 07 008257f Nativitas Domini
011r 13 Jam nata lux est et salus P H 08 008257g Nativitas Domini
011r 14 Gloria tibi domine qui P H 09 008257k Nativitas Domini
011v 1 Gaudeamus omnes fideles P A 002926 Nativitas Domini
011v 2 Christe fili dei* P R 006276 Nativitas Domini
011v 3 Qui natus es de virgine* P V 01 006276ze Nativitas Domini
011v 4 Exsurge domine P W 008071 Nativitas Domini
011v 5 Maria ventre* T H 01 008257b Nativitas Domini
011v 6 Radix Jesse* T H 02 008257c.1 Nativitas Domini
011v 7 Gloria tibi domine* T H 03 008257k Nativitas Domini
011v 8 Hodie intacta virgo deum T A 003104 Nativitas Domini
011v 9 Speciosus forma prae filiis T R 007683 Nativitas Domini
011v 10 Diffusa est gratia in labiis T V 01 007683a Nativitas Domini
011v 11 Notum fecit dominus salutare T W 008153 Nativitas Domini
011v 12 Descendit* T R P 006411 Nativitas Domini
011v 13 Verbum* T R P 007840 Nativitas Domini
011v 14 Praesepe poni* S H 01 008257d Nativitas Domini
011v 15 Legem dedit* S H 02 008257e Nativitas Domini
011v 16 Gloria tibi* S H 03 008257k Nativitas Domini
011v 17 Virgo dei genetrix quem totus S A 005448 Nativitas Domini
011v 18 Notum fecit dominus salutare S R 007242 Nativitas Domini
011v 19 In conspectu gentium S V 01 007242a Nativitas Domini
011v 20 Benedictus qui venit S W 007978 Nativitas Domini
011v 21 Adam vetus* N H 008257f Nativitas Domini
011v 22 Virgo hodie fidelis etsi N A 005452 Nativitas Domini
012r 1 Benedictus qui venit in N R 006250 Nativitas Domini
012r 2 Deus dominus et illuxit nobis N V 01 006250a Nativitas Domini
012r 3 Natus est nobis salvator N W 008144 Nativitas Domini
012r 4 Tecum principium in die V2 A 1 005127 Nativitas Domini
012r 5 Redemptionem misit dominus V2 A 2 004587 Nativitas Domini
012r 6 Exortum est in tenebris lumen V2 A 3 002794 Nativitas Domini
012r 7 Apud dominum misericordia et V2 A 4 001466 Nativitas Domini
012r 8 De fructu ventris tui ponam V2 A 5 002106 Nativitas Domini
012r 9 Verbum* V2 R 007840 Nativitas Domini
012r 10 A solis ortu cardine adusque V2 H 008248 Nativitas Domini
012r 11 Tamquam sponsus* V2 W 008216 Nativitas Domini
012r 12 Hodie Christus natus est V2 A M 003093 Nativitas Domini
012v 1 Lapides torrentes* V R 007075 Stephani
012v 2 Deus tuorum* V H 008294 Stephani
012v 3 Gloria et honore* V W 008081 Stephani
012v 4 Intuens in caelum* V A M 003392 Stephani
012v 5 Virgo dei* V A R 005448 Suff. Mariae Nat.
012v 6 Corde natus ex parentis ante C H 008289 Stephani
012v 7 Benedictus qui venit in* C W 007978 Stephani
012v 8 Verbum caro factum est et C A N 005362 Stephani
012v 9 Nato domino angelorum chori E A 1 003854 Nativitas Domini,8
012v 10 Pastores dicite quidnam E A 2 004224 Nativitas Domini,8
012v 11 Lux orta est super nos quia E A 3 003652 Nativitas Domini,8
012v 12 Pastores loquebantur ad E A 4 004225 Nativitas Domini,8
012v 13 Natus est nobis salvator E A 5 003857 Nativitas Domini,8
013r 1 O regem caeli cui talia E A 6 004077 Nativitas Domini,8
013r 2 Ecce advenit dominator deus E A 7 002489 Nativitas Domini,8
013r 3 Maria intacta* R A 1 003104 Suff. Mariae Nat.
013r 4 Virgo verbo concepit virgo R A 2 005456 Suff. Mariae Nat.
013r 5 Nesciens mater virgo virum R A 3 003877 Suff. Mariae Nat.
013r 6 Continet in gremio caelum R A 4 001905 Suff. Mariae Nat.
013r 7 Sancta et immaculata R A 5 004700 Suff. Mariae Nat.
013r 8 Beatus venter qui te portavit R A 6 001668 Suff. Mariae Nat.
013r 9 Lapides torrentes illi dulces V R 007075 Stephani
013v 1 Mortem enim quam salvator V V 01 007075a Stephani
013v 2 Gloria patri et filio et V V 02 909000 Stephani
013v 3 Deus tuorum* V H 008294 Stephani
013v 4 Gloria et honore* V W 008081 Stephani
013v 5 Intuens in caelum beatus V A 1M 003392 Stephani
013v 6 Stephanus autem plenus gratia V A 2M 005025 Stephani
013v 7 Regem protomartyris Stephani M I 001141 Stephani
013v 8 Martyr dei* M H 008346 Stephani
013v 9 Beatus Stephanus jugi legis M A 1.1 001665 Stephani
013v 10 Constitutus a deo praedicator M A 1.2 001903 Stephani
014r 1 In tribulatione lapidum se M A 1.3 003298 Stephani
014r 2 Lumine vultus tui domine M A 2.1 003646 Stephani
014r 3 Benedictionis tuae domine M A 2.2 001713 Stephani
014r 4 O quam admirabile est nomen M A 2.3 004058 Stephani
014r 5 In domino deo suo confisus M A 3.1 003226 Stephani
014r 6 Sine macula beatus Stephanus M A 3.2 004962 Stephani
014r 7 Domine virtus et laetitia M A 3.3 002396 Stephani
014v 1 Hesterna die dominus natus M A 1.1 003036 Stephani
014v 2 Qui enim corpori suo virginis M A 1.2 004468 Stephani
014v 3 Praesepis angustia Christum M A 1.3 004363 Stephani
014v 4 Gloria et honore* M W 1. 008081 Stephani
014v 5 Hesterna die dominus natus M R 1.1 006810 Stephani
014v 6 Stephanus vidit caelos M V 01 006810a Stephani
014v 7 Stephanus autem plenus gratia M R 1.2 007702 Stephani
014v 8 Stephanus vidit caelos* M V 01 007702a Stephani
014v 9 Surrexerunt quidam de M V 02 007702b Stephani
015r 1 Videbant omnes Stephanum qui M R 1.3 007852 Stephani
015r 2 Stephanus autem plenus gratia M V 01 007852a Stephani
015r 3 Stephanus autem plenus gratia M A 2.1 005025 Stephani
015r 4 Omnes intendentes in eum M A 2.2 004127 Stephani
015r 5 Ejicientes eum extra M A 2.3 002623 Stephani
015r 6 Posuisti domine* M W 2. 008170 Stephani
015r 7 Stephanus servus dei quem M R 2.1 007704 Stephani
015r 8 Vidit beatus Stephanus glor- M V 01 007704ze Stephani
015r 9 Lapidabant Stephanum M R 2.2 007072 Stephani